Hi all,

Lately I’ve been thinking, perhaps something to just distract me from the thought of all my coursework piling up…After all,  procrastination is key in discovering your own personal answer to a long-asked question.

Now, I’m sure that all females are wondering: Is chivalry dead?

Once upon a time, girls were treated like princesses- men would open doors for ladies, pull out their chair and help them put on their coat. Even offering their seats for females all around! Nowadays, cases of men barging in front of women can be seen in the busy streets and rushing ahead of them to get that last seat on the train before anybody else does!

Has chivalry become less common because of the fast-paced society that we all live in now. After all, people say time is money. I have noticed that during rush hour in the bustling city of London that no-one has any recollection of their manners or even possessing them in the first place! People elbowing each other in the crowds, rushing to get onto trains and not holding doors open for the next person behind you, not an apology in sight. What has the world become? Living in a busy society does not mean that it allows people alike to become pre-historic savages! Does a fast-paced society permit laziness?! No. So, remember to mind your manners next time you leave your house!

Sometimes, men may not be chivalrous because chivalry can act as a social barrier. All social barriers being awkward anyway, so they may just be doing the instinctive thing and be trying to avoid any ‘unnecessary fuss’. After all, fighting with the waiter over your chair can be a pain in the ****.

Another answer to this question, is perhaps one that many males have thought of. Feminism is fast becoming more popular amongst many females! This leads them to feel strongly about the fact that they can do things just the same as men, that they do not need men to open doors for them, pull out their chairs and to help them put on their coats. Many females alike feel that this is the way of men perhaps showing their superiority over females. The males expecting you to accept the gesture, to smile sweetly and say the word: thank-you. Instead you choose to condemn his actions by awarding him with a distasteful emotion. Perhaps feminism has caused some females to over-analyse some of the actions of these men. For me, chivalry is not a way for men to supplant their superiority and righteousness over you, it could just be a kind-hearted gesture making sure that you are treated like the lady you are at heart!

So next time, you see an act of chivalry, do not condemn it. In fact, it’s such a rare event in this period of time that it should be commended for! Manners from both sides- whether it be a little or a lot- both go a LONG WAY!