Hi all, 

Well- I don’t want to give of the impression to you readers that I am a soap-obsessed person… but I was thinking- and suddenly realised  that I had not shared a wondrous soap with you all!


£7.50 – United Kingdom

$10.00 – USA

$12.00 – Canada

Normally, I am a frequent LUSH shop customer- However, one day my mum bought home a soap on a rope from the French shop L’occtaine: en provence. Yes, it is indeed literally a soap on a rope. The soap is made up of two key herbs: Rosemary and Verbena. Rosemary is a key ingredient in purifying and relaxing your muscles. Whereas, the herb Verbena is a key ingredient for softening and toning. With the combination of these two, the soap delivers some amazing results. The citrussy scent of the soap helps your body to slowly wake up in the shower in the mornings or for you to slowly unwind in the evenings. Also, with the soap being attached to a rope it means it will be easy for you to hang it up somewhere on your bathroom wall/shelf without the soap collecting up germs from the old water in a typical soap dish or  from bathroom surfaces!

This soap can be found in L’occtaine stores around the world. The price may be more expensive than the average soap but it really does last for a long time, so it’s worth the money. And! Don’t worry about the rope coming away from the soap even when the soap has shrunken to it’s tiniest size, the rope will only come away if you tug unnecessarily hard at it.

Happy showering!

RoseWishes xo