Hi all,

Now I’m sure you’ve all gathered that I just love LUSH and The Body Shop, so what I thought would be a good idea is to compare both of their two best-selling lip products! For LUSH that would be the: Lip Scrub collection and for The Body Shop it would be the: Born lippy – lip balm collection.

First! The LUSH Lip Scrub. The original lip scrub comes in three amazing flavours! Bubblegum, Mint Julips and Sweet lips. However, recently they have begun to sell a new one: the pow wow lip scrub, to get people into the festive season. Now all of them are amazingly sweet, so if you aren’t one for something that tastes sweet, then I should warn you to avoid this. All of the lip scrubs are made with castor sugar (this would explain the sweetness) and natural oils! Something that tastes great and it healthy for your lips! The castor sugar is great for getting rid of the flakiness and dead skin from dry lips, in particular with the winter. So it’s perfect to add to your Christmas lists!  However, with it coming at £4.75, be sure to use it when you want to treat your lips. It would not be what I consider a day-to-day beauty item. This item works perfect if you want to perfect your lips so that they are looking perfect! 😉

Next! The Body Shop – Born lippy lip balm collection are amazing! Like any other Body Shop products they smell fantastic! Also, with the wide range of  ‘tastes’ within the lip balm collection, it allows you to find the one that matches you! There are 6 in all. It’s fantastically small and don’t be deceived by the small looking pot (even if the image makes it look enormous), the lip balm itself lasts for an extremely long time. It is good for a day to day use, working as a good substitute instead of lip gloss. My personal favourite is the raspberry lip balm, adding a pink tint and a glossy finish, perfection. It only costs £2, so there is going to be no guilty feeling affecting your conscience at all! And! With the great 3 for 2 offer in stores at the moment, it means you can save even more!

Overall, I would say both products are great at what they have to do- protecting and caring for YOUR lips… but at the end of the day I would say the Body Shop product is something that you could get more out of. Although! The Lush product does still have it’s unique point of being able to get rid of the flakiness of the skin on your lips. So both are worth a try!

Keep caring for those lips!

RoseWishes xo