Hi all, 

Recently my friend had a birthday meal and took us all out to try Las Iguanas, a restaurant that serves plates on plates of the most amazing tasting food. They serve food such as the fajitas (It was thanks to Las Iguanas that I learnt how to pronounce that word),  to wonderful prawn dishes and also food with spice for people who like a kick when eating. Not only do they serve these Latin-based dishes, for those who aren’t as adventurous they serve mouth-watering burgers and steak dishes. All this is served at a reasonable price, so you can freely enjoy the meal without thinking of the figures that are going to be printed on your bill.

Mmmmm- delicious.

For those who don’t have a Las Iguanas near them, if you live near London you’re in luck! A Las Iguanas can be found by the London Royal Festival Hall, which is on the South Bank. Another place in which it can be found is the London- Stratford, in the newly opened shopping centre, giving you a great view whilst you eat.

Get going and try some Latin food! Let me know of what you think!

RoseWishes xo