Hi all,

I thought that I should share one of my favourite places in the world, for those who haven’t discovered it already! LUSH. A shop that sells the most amazing fresh hand-made cosmetics. They sell a wide variety from: the good old reliable soaps for bath time, to luxurious bath melts to portable stick perfumes! There’s something for everyone.

My Heaven.

Now I shall enlighten you all with one of their most popular products! The soap: ‘Honey I washed the kids’ at £3.25 per 100g.

Okay, I understand the name of the soap might not have you dropping everything you are doing to run to LUSH to go and get the soap but the name makes the soap seem modest in how AMAZING it is!

It smells just like honey, which I’m sure you have managed to guess from the name. Although, please do not try tasting it… at the end of the day- it is still a soap. Not only does it leave you squeaky clean and moisturised but it also exfoliates your skin. Perfect for the harsh winter days… Well let’s be honest- perfect for the 365 days in a year.

With it’s purse-friendly price, there is nothing that could be stopping you from getting this luxurious soap, treat yourself! It’s nearly christmas after all!